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Zeppelin - The Flying Machine !

Zeppelin is a quad-rotor flying platform, the first ever "completely" made in India.

Zeppelin is in its very early stages of development.  It can hover and fly, although a little unstable in mid-air (as is seen in the first flight video).


The heart of Zeppelin is a self-made low-cost Strapdown Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) consisting of three rate gyros (pitch, roll and yaw) and two accelerometers.  The output of the rate-gyros is integrated with time to get the three angles.  The drift in these calculated angles is compensated using the data available from the accelerometers (which would measure the resultant of component of gravity and acceleration along the accelerometer axis) using a proprietary algorithm :)

It should be noted that flying such a quad rotor platform is nearly impossible with just manual control.  The control system maintains the pitch/roll angles and yaw rate.  The user controls the throttle and small deflections in the pitch/roll angles to make it move and in yaw rate to make it rotate.


First Flight 1 (11.5 MB)

First Flight 2 (2.7 MB)

< Currently running on external power supply and wired remote >


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